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Credit Card or Debit Card Chargeback — How to claim?

Have you purchased something from online shopping? or done a transaction in which you realized that your cheated? Well, Not any more! Now with chargeback policy from your bank, you can claim your money back. Well there are some limitations of it as well but if you do it correctly then you would get your money back instead of losing it. Chargeback — AdvantagesYou can get the full money back to your bank account. No limitations in the amount. All the Credit cards as well as most of the Debit Read more
July 10, 2013

Earn money from blog 2013 — Ultimate Guide

Ahoy Bloggers! Its 2013! Well its time to roll up the top sites that allows you to generate a stable income from your blogs that you write — whether or not its for fun or its done as a serious profession. On 2012, I had given you top 3 sites to generate money right, but this time I have more sites to share with you just so that you can get good profit from your blog! A little introduction right? Well its 2013 now, so earn money from blog 2013 with sites that I've specified in this post. Earn Read more
April 6, 2013

Top Most Wanted WordPress Tweaks

Top Most Wanted WordPress Tweaks — As you know most people use WordPress to design websites & make a whole new CMS just for the company you want to and its definitely popular around the world. I have seen many sites — Hospital sites, Educational Institution's site which are proudly powered by WordPress for making their posting of various write-ups easier for the staffs/editors — and I have seen this because some people leave WP Version numbers in the header with a meta tag, Login link Read more
March 9, 2013

Remove W3 Total Cache Comment Footer

Securing your WordPress huh? Many people do all these stuffs and come to a halt with this issue - every time, in every page, same W3 Total Cache credits are shown in the HTML source. Even if your designing a WordPress based site and at the end trying to remove all those traces, W3 Total Cache everywhere right? So your ready to Remove W3 Total Cache Comment Footer? How it looks like? In the HTML Source code, It's somewhat like this :<!-- Performance optimized by W3 Total Cache. Learn more: Read more
March 5, 2013