WordPress Conversion (Basic HTML to WordPress)

In this type of service, the title itself tells it all. We will do the basic conversion of any type of HTML website to WordPress since WordPress is the leading Open Source Content Management system that is very easy to use as well as use many advantages like its collection Plugins, Themes, Ability to tweak for the user’s desires & much more!

What we do?

  • Use WordPress’ default widgets, settings, tweaks.
  • Make new pages with a single click.
  • Put a blog for your existing website & manage it easy.
  • SEO optimize each articles by yourself.
  • Cache your site for better loading speeds.
  • Minify the current template codes to get better results.
  • Custom Tweaks for the website.

Well these are the basic things which is applied in this package and if you want these or want more than this for your project — Contact!