iPhone 5 Upgrade? Would you?

In short, the iPhone 5 upgrade is as similar in upgrading from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S. Its just thinner, faster, longer than the iPhone 4 or 4S. Based on an average survey, those people who upgraded their iPhone 4S to 5 wasn’t much happy about it — These are the type of people which use their iPhone 5 for daily needs such as Calls, Text, Internet & little bit of gaming. But for the people who use their phone for everything such as HD Gaming, Photos, Movies & all would really felt that this upgrade was awesome.

iPhone 5 Upgrade

iPhone 5 UpgradeMy opinion is very simple, If you are using your iPhone 4S as everything — Go for it, because it will satisfy you due to the improvements of the phone. Its an upgrade that most of the people loves to have. For instance, if your the type of people who just use this phone for business purposes or just for call & text with very basic usage of other apps then you actually don’t need the upgrade — Its pointless as the same features are there in both of the phone.

But if your a gadget freak or a rich person or a person who would use the phone for all purposes like camera, games & use many apps then its a good choice to get the upgrade as soon as possible. Even these type of guys can wait for the next iPhone which is the iPhone 5S or can get another phone such as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 or so — if you aren’t an Apple fan boy or a person who do like Android. And by the way, if your place doesn’t have LTE network such as in India or so, then there would be no point in buying this device for faster internet speeds.

For people who use an iPhone 3G, 3GS , 4 or other phones would certainly feel a big difference. Its just like buying a super phone for them due to its performance. Of course, the battery backup increased. It has been said that the radiation of iPhone 5 is lesser than other phones in the market today — So its a peace of mind to carry this phone in the pocket as I heard a lot of stories related to high radiation of phones leading to cancer & other problems. If you have the money in your pocket to spend for the iPhone 5 then spend it.

March 9, 2013
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