Gaming — Advantages that you must know!

All gaming freaks has experienced/experiencing of lectures from parents saying the same dialogue 100 times (well almost) that its a total waste of time (No Offense) — Right? Admit it! Well its wrong, even at early age when children watch cartoon all the time, parents would say to switch off right? Actually from cartoons is that we could develop language skills, thinking, etc., depending upon what show you watch — Seriously for me, After watching cartoon made me develop English communication skills even though at those times I went to a local school which doesn’t give much importance to English… well anyway, coming to the point — Gamers doesn’t actually waste their time, Gamers develop skills.


There are advantages while gaming but also everyone knows that there are disadvantages too mainly like Eye strain, Time, etc., but the current technologies help overcome these problem except Time — Oh please, I know its not good in playing at times which you shouldn’t like Study time (You shouldn’t — NOPE) so I am talking about gamers gaming at the free times like at.. vacations — their Advantages.


There are lots of games out there in the market that depends upon one’s personal interest such as Need for Speed : Run which belongs to Racing category— like that, there are lots and lots. Still all the games have the same advantages.


1. Reducing stress is the first advantage, even if its after a long day of work or long day at school or even for getting our mind refreshing, we do use games — we do concentrate on games, but it helps us relax — but this varies when the difficulty of the game increases! Still, Its relaxing!

2. Learn. We could learn more from games. Like I said before, there are many types of Games right? So there you go — you have the opportunity to learn more from games. For example, I learned about manual gear shift while playing NFS Most Wanted & Also felt how to ride the sports car since I can’t own one.

3. Fun it is! You are in a virtual world — The game that you play, even though the screen size is smaller or bigger, you would get the feeling that you are there — inside the game. Its yours, you are the master of that game, its you who is there. Even games now comes with multiplayer option which allows you to play with other players of the same game using an Internet connection or with local people like your friends. It ain’t about winning or losing but still you take it as a sportsman spirit & retry if you fail — The missions in the game are always there to win.

4. Always helps you to learn about Teamwork. By playing games thats having a group of other players inside the particular game — whether or not its computer or in a multiplayer, you would get the idea of teamwork, Yes there are games like war games — Call of duty, that has players around you which will help you like your friend so as to complete the mission that you are in.

5. Improving hand-eye coordination that has been proven that hand and finger movements are more precise after playing games since you have to push buttons simultaneously as you see the screen — Oh! tough job, but for those who are playing games — Piece of Cake! Its a skill that needs the most while participating in gaming competitions and all. Even having hand-eye coordination, we could know our finger movements so as to avoid looking at the keyboard while typing — Well I am doing it right now anyway while typing this article 😉

Well these are the advantages, you can surely make your parents read this article but I don’t know whether they will allow you to play games or not — its based on personal experience that I have written this article. If your a parent then would you allow? If you are a gamer then would you agree these? Let me know your comments!

April 12, 2013
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