Would you ask Dowry? [Ultimate Opinions]

Dowry — Many people ask the same question over & over again — Would you ask Dowry from the Bride’s Parents? If so, what would you demand? Is it good or bad? Well let’s see — here in the post, I would be covering all the questions you want to know more about. Do mind, these are strictly my personal opinions.  There are about 8,520,000 discussions online for the same particular topic “Dowry”, well I have my own opinions.

Why Dowry?

Dowry - Think TwiceWell, actually this is a bit tricky question because it all depends upon “how” your financial condition is — Like how wealthy you are to take care of your future family. Some people due to old customs believe that it is necessary to ask Dowry but I don’t feel so. You can ask Dowry if your financial situation is worse to handle your future life — Well of course, its a big deal to maintain a family — especially when children grew older. On the other hand, Sometimes — there is an another twist which is a bit common, The girl herself would suggest you to get the dowry because of her rights — well, this happens mainly when the girl has brothers or sisters and she feels that its her right to get her share to benefit her future life. Then there are men, who do ask Dowry just to have it as a savings & to use it as an investment for expanding his career to stabilize his family. Finally, some men won’t ask Dowry at all since he has the wealth to maintain his family & has a bad feeling to ask. Of course, there might be more reasons but these are the most common ones.

When to ask Dowry?

Youth Against DowryWell usually, these are all fixed before engagement by both parties’ parents, but sometimes if parents are not there to ask then usually the groom would ask about it. Some parties won’t ask at all since the husband would think as if the bride’s parents would give to him later with whatever value they decide — Mostly done by people who has wealth & has a bad feeling to ask. It’s not at all compulsory to ask Dowry & in fact its good not to ask since it would be a big problematic if the bride’s financial status is low — as it would be very hard to give Dowry — Mostly would result in Bride’s parent’s in taking big loans, So if bride’s financial status is low then I would suggest never to forcefully ask Dowry. But my extreme suggestions is to avoid Dowry as far as possible — (Hindus) The gold that the bride wear in wedding is a big collection itself & from a recent survey, I came to know that the Gold is being bought before the wedding & sold after marriage. The money that is being invested to arrange the marriage itself is a big deal. So its a big deal to say NO to Dowry — especially let the youth be against Dowry.

Again, these are all my personal opinion — Its not the culture/old laws or beliefs that you should follow, it is your right thoughts that you should follow.

September 23, 2013
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