VPS Hosting – Benefits of getting one!

Like in the old days when virtualization came into effect, market of OpenVZ & XEN came into effect and of course, people loves to choose XEN virtualization due to its guaranteed limits. By choosing a XEN powered VPS you get your own kernel instead of a shared one from OpenVZ, well this allows you to maintain a great applications without any limitations – only limitations are the allocated resources.


Checking today’s market, a XEN VPS is an industry and trade leading open source virtualization platform for managing virtual infrastructures. No matter what your applications be like, whether to host a group of websites to application specific programs, a VPS with XEN would always give a smile on your face since the applications you run would be extremely fast in all terms!

Comparing a dedicated server with a xen vps, there isn’t much difference since the only difference is the resources that you get with the price you pay. To host a dedicated application, you really don’t need to buy huge servers, instead can buy vps with XEN virtualization to get the best benefits!

A VPS does too have a high fast connection in which you can enjoy the best speeds to serve your content worldwide, no matter where you have the VPS set up, the corporate connection used by the company would be 100 times faster than the average broadband connection.

The main advantage is its scalability, each VPS can be scaled to fit – whenever your application grows, you would have the privilege to upgrade to higher resources anytime without paying it before – Pay for what you really want to use is the best deal for everyone.

A XEN VPS can also give you the power to have many OS distributions especially Windows as Windows is not at all supported while using OpenVZ virtualization since it’s a shared kernel that is being used by everyone, therefore people who like to have Windows mainly go for XEN VPS with limited amount of RAM so as to have a budget vps hosting solutions.


The best thing about using a xen platform is that the main server cannot be oversold in anyways. Even if the customers use the resource or not, a dedicated partition is already assigned so as to protect your resource from being used – simply speaking, overselling is not possible with the XEN server. The power of the main server is equally divided to the resources that you should get and hence you can get a greater boost in performance while comparing with OpenVZ virtualization.

It is of course suggested that, whether you have a custom application or infrastructure plan with you, it’s always to get started with this XEN virtualization as you could always get the features of a high-power dedicated server.

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January 24, 2014
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