Tharun P Karun

At the age of 15, In short Tharun P Karun began his research about many web related services & possibilities and is now successful in many areas.

Who is Tharun?

  • A Blogger
  • A Server Manager (cPanel + CentOS)
  • A Windows Troubleshooter (Solutions for Problems)
  • A Hosting Industry (Consulting)
  • A Website Designer
  • A WordPress Developer (Initial Setup, Optimizing & Security)
  • A Software & Web Services Reviewer
  • A Tech Geek

More About Tharun,

He had started many websites that became successful in the year 2010.  He had successfully managed hosting business at 2011 which became a hit with 500+ clients and had consulted many people giving their web related business successful. At 2012, he had begun his freelance work on the areas he work on.

Currently, Tharun is a student and an entrepreneur, who is currently studying at College of Engineering, Trivandrum with the course Masters of Computer Science (MCA). He writes this blog especially to share his tricks, tips, reviews about any software & stuffs that he knows. He is mainly concentrating on writing more tutorials than reviews of products. – Yeah!, Let the world know about the things that I publicize, because most readers of my blog would be searching for it.

Tharun do review any products or services just for you, if you want him to review then you may contact him with the quote included.

Tharun’s Story

It all began with Computers, the interest in computers from the year 2000 itself, when he first came to know more about computers and its working. Basically there was Paint & Dave (Game) applications on Windows 98 and all the students like Tharun at that time loved to use. But not only that, he explored other settings inside the computer. Yes, it wasn’t the Paint application that he used mostly, It was the Control Panel that he used to explore 😛

February 06, 2009, He had created his first small HTML website containing some basic coding hosted in free web hosting services called Freeservers. But even though it was very basically and poorly edited site, later on he researched more and more about website development and was able to know about WordPress. Well, Of course he had a Blogger site before he get to know about WordPress but he didn’t liked that much about Blogger due to some various reasons like URL and its limited customization.

After gaining knowledge about WordPress, he immediately got a self-hosted WordPress blog by getting a free domain and had used free Hosting service back in January, 2009. After that he had blogged about various stuffs about latest news and tips. He used to personalize his site with various free themes, customized java scripts embedding in his site. He had worked all his vacation days to get his site to look perfect, even at school days especially at Computer Lab he was updating the site carefully and was showing in-front of others, it was all fun at those days for him!

On October 10, 2009, Tharun got his first paid domain Tech With Us which was having the same content as the old site containing all the latest news & updates around the world. He had redirected the old domain to the new one and did re-designed the whole site. He had used a lot of free hosting services at that time and among all of them, the one that was reliable & the one that he used till 2010 was NamePad Free Hosting since the person who was operating it was friendly as well as the server had no downtime at all!

From January, 2010 on wards, He was learning more about Windows, its problems and general solutions. Even he had started learn to install a lot of OS like Windows, Mac (Hackintosh), Linux (Ubuntu, GNU/Linux, Fedora) and multi-booting techniques too. He even used to help his friends with all sorts of problems that they occur on computer and was ready to solve it in-front of them & making them understand each and every thing. He did help friends to re-install their computers with their preferred OS and helped saved money by not calling service guys in local area. Tharun took everything as a challenge and a hobby. He had registered at some sites as a Publisher for putting advertisements in his website.

On October 2, 2010, He received his first pay out from Text Link Ads and that made him continue to host his site and after a few days, He had successfully upgraded to a paid hosting. After becoming a successful blogger, he moved on and researched more about the hosting techniques.

Finally in January 2011, he had worked in Hosting Industry and did managed lots of clients worldwide and servers. He took everything as a hobby and he loved what he does. He customized the Linux VPS & Dedicated Servers depending upon the sites host for his clients and it was all successful too at this age. He used to participate at forums and other discussion sites to solve problems and discuss matters related on servers and computers.

January 2012, He had left the company that he worked in due to its timing and pressure but he was pleased to help all those clients when he was free for about 2-3 months. He developed many sites in 2012 and had done setting up even business websites for clients. He had officially started writing this blog from January 22.

And.. That’s how all it began!