Reliance Jio Review — Best Telecom in India

Jio 4G LTE Back with an unusual review, but due to the benefits of the service provider & making it a change in India, I am proud to do this review for Reliance Jio. In this review, I would be mainly focusing on the data quality of the 4G network that I got while testing for a whole month.Last month, I had received a sim card from Reliance Digital Xpress Mini outlet for testing out Reliance Jio network in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) and was amazed to see that the network is excellent Read more
August 15, 2016

Oh! Samsung Galaxy S5 — Coming on April 11

Well, they did it! Samsung Galaxy S5, with new cool features, shape, battery, blah blah blah! Wait a second, Really? I don't think its a big "next" thing! I will tell more about that in this following article. Let's start with the main points. As per the MWC press conference, Samsung claimed that they will ship the device from April 11 in multiple countries — which itself is a great improvement I believe. But as always Asian countries would be affected with crazy prices as usual — well they Read more
February 28, 2014

VPS Hosting – Benefits of getting one!

Like in the old days when virtualization came into effect, market of OpenVZ & XEN came into effect and of course, people loves to choose XEN virtualization due to its guaranteed limits. By choosing a XEN powered VPS you get your own kernel instead of a shared one from OpenVZ, well this allows you to maintain a great applications without any limitations - only limitations are the allocated resources.AdvantagesChecking today's market, a XEN VPS is an industry and trade leading open source Read more
January 24, 2014

Why I don’t want a Google Chromebook

The Chromebook is one of the lightweight laptop that practically anybody and everybody can put to great utilization for their own personal works. It join with the Web, has a capable and lightweight Os, and is more than equipped for doing in the ballpark of 90% of the things I have to finish work. The other 10% are things I might be doing at home on my essential desktop workstation in any case. Well not for me, Since my works need powerful computer to work.The Chromebook is another, quicker machine. Read more
December 22, 2013