Is iOS or Android More Worthwhile for Developers?

When it comes to mobile apps, most people who use smartphones, tablets, and any other type of mobile device realizes that it is more or less a straight fight between iOS and Android for app store supremacy.  Yes, other marketplaces exist, notable on Windows and BlackBerry platforms, but their market penetration is nowhere near that enjoyed by the two sector leaders.What many people don’t realize is that Apple’s past contributes largely to their current performance in the market. Even in the Read more
November 19, 2013

Developers – Getting Started & Next Steps

Simple Tips In Locating The Perfect Web Design Firm In today's market, many people would call themselves companies for web designing. They would either do it for their amusement or a hobby of some sorts. Contrariwise, companies of website design do this in order to make a true living and do it more seriously. Just make sure your company is up to date in internet technologies. To help you with the search for your website design company, here are a few tips. What does your company need? You should Read more
September 13, 2013

New iPhone 5S? iPhone 5 vs 5S — Know the Difference

And its here! Apple iPhone 5S! Apple announced the new models of iPhone via the live Apple Event hosted on September 10. For the past, we were checking out the rumours of the new iPhone and mostly it was correct — except for some features. I am not sure, but I guess Apple might had released the correct rumours as of business techniques to get more sales — I am not sure, but it looks like so. Anyway let's get back to our points. Apple iPhone 5S Well, like others — I was also following the Read more
September 11, 2013

GoDaddy Auctions

We all know about buying lands (Real Estate), but do you know that there is process of buying domains which aren't available to register? Yeah, GoDaddy Auctions is the right place having a huge pool of domains available. There are millions of domains available for auctions, Brand names, Word Meanings, and even your names, so basically a little time to spend to get your domain name. Here in this post, I'd be reviewing GoDaddy Auctions — Pros, Cons, Procedures & Tips for getting a successful Read more
July 13, 2013